“As artistic director for the Project Rushmore Theatre Company Sydnie’s work is astonishing. Not only is she on my creative advisory board but my lead director. Her work is mesmerizing and every actor in every piece has nothing but praise about their work with her. Productions are so defined and moving. She has set the bar high for the company. ”

– Adrienne Doucette, Artistic Director, Project Rushmore


I would describe Syd as a great Actor’s-Director. She is supportive and encouraging, but she also has the eye to steer you in a direction you wouldn’t have taken on your own. I love that. That is when I feel like I grow.

– Jerry Vogel, Actor

“Sydnie is a superlative story teller. Her passion for the craft is unparalleled. She inspires me to take risks and push boundaries. I have become a better artist because of it.”

– Stellie Siteman, Actress, Producer, Artistic Director – Max & Louie Productions

“In the past few years, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of being cast and directed by Sydnie in a number of staged readings. She is a quintessential actor’s director – she warmly provides a safe space for exploration, inspires  actors to bring new ideas to the table, and is a wonderful dramaturg with a veritable wealth of knowledge. Her wit and intelligence are sharp and her heart is open and caring. Working alongside Sydnie is a delight – whether she is  my director, co-producer or creative consultant.”

– Victor Barbella, Actor/Arts Educator

“Sydnie Grosberg Ronga is one of those gifted directors who know how to speak to an actor in his/her language by comprehending and enhancing each actor’s unique strengths and abilities.  With careful research, preparation and creativity, her thoroughness creates an exceptional understanding of the characters, scenes, and ‘moments’ that she is bringing to life on the stage.  By providing an environment of freedom to explore and to discover she lifts the work of the actor, the journey of the play, and the experience of the audience to deeply rewarding and truthful human emotional realities”.

– Branislav Tomich, Actor

I love Sydnie as a director, too, I was just writing her that I usually notice directors when I hate them. They get in the way, are too controlling, love the sound of their own voice, etc. Syd is such a great listener, observer, and ALLOWER, that really makes her quite unique, and wonderful. And of course, her feedback is great and to the point, too.

– Valerie Gilbert, Actor

Dear Syd,

You are a marvelous director and you know just how to get every actor you work with to find the way to do the character. You are sheer genius. Thanks for your wonderful direction and for you being you.

– Marilyn Spanier, Actor